Remote Workers – Impacts and 3 Best Practices


Remote working… a way of working no longer just considered to be a perk or that special pre-requisite put forward by millennials joining your organisation. Remote working has become the standard for the majority of organisations in this unprecedented time of COVID-19.

The impact that remote working is having on mobile voice and data consumption [and the associated costs] is clearly evident by a recent analysis that we performed across our customer base. The mobile data traffic increases in particular are quite staggering.



3 Best Practices


Implement a software tool that delivers company-wide visibility and insights for all stakeholders into all mobile voice and data costs, consumption, contracts and inventory.


Ensure that your remote workers have access to a clear and enforceable policy that governs the way in which your user base utilises the company’s mobile assets.


Apply thought to how your organisation can implement security measures applicable to the physical device(s), network connectivity, physical environments, device applications and the operating systems.

The Power of Knowing

All IT & Telecom costs, consumption, services and trends across all providers, all business users and all locations in a single platform.