Navigating Innovation, Driving Success

Welcome to Apex BI, where our journey mirrors the evolution of technology itself. Since our inception in 2007, we have transformed from a dedicated team of consultants, offering top-tier professional services and software solutions, to a pioneering software company that champions innovation and customer success.

Our Origin

Apex BI began as a technology expense management consultancy, specialising in advisory and professional services. Our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients set the foundation for our growth and our deepening expertise in the technology landscape.


Our Evolution

Recognising the potential to make an even greater impact, Apex BI ventured into software development, channelling our industry insights and technical prowess into creating proprietary solutions. This strategic pivot was more than a change of direction; it marked the birth of a new era for us and our clients.

Our Milestones


The year our journey began, with a focus on delivering exceptional consulting and reselling services.


Our first foray into software development, providing unparalleled insights and control over technology expenses, setting a new standard in the industry. Since its inception Clarity™ has grown into a leading technology expense management platform.


Our innovative customer engagement software platform, designed to empower businesses to connect with their audiences more effectively, add digital services with ease and forge lasting relationships.


Our latest innovation, a low-code software development platform that democratises application development, enabling faster, more agile, and user-centric creation of software solutions. Launching soon.

Our Reach

Today, Apex BI stands proud with over 1 000 customers across five regions, a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and our unwavering commitment to our clients’ success.

Our Promise

At Apex BI, we are more than just a software company. We are your partners in innovation and your allies in a rapidly evolving digital world. Our suite of products, from telecom expense management to customer engagement and low-code software development, is designed with your success in mind, tailored to propel your business forward in an age of constant change.

Join us

Embark on a journey with Apex BI, where your vision is met with our innovation, your challenges with our solutions, and your aspirations with our unwavering support.

Together, let’s shape the future.


We create intuitive and useful software solutions that enable the full potential of businesses, anywhere, propelling each one closer towards the acheivement of their own vision.


We aim to enable businesses to spend more time on what's core to them, and less time on the things that aren't. Removing barriers to growth through smart and useful software solutions.