Life After Lockdown: Managing Mobile Voice & Data


The current global pandemic has changed our working lives forever. Remote working, once considered to be a perk, now has the potential to become the norm for many organisations. We believe that it will. The temporary lockdowns will eventually lift, but remote working is here to stay and organisations need to start preparing themselves now.

Below we list important changes that we envision.

1.) Mobile coverage constraints will force organisations to adopt  a multi-vendor strategy.

2.) Bring your own device [BYOD] will become less prevalent. Employees will expect mobile devices & connectivity to be provided as work tools. 

3.) Organisations will deploy software  to enhance visibility & management of  newly decentralised mobile voice & data environments.

4.) Mobile service providers will create improved models enabling them to  better service & support decentralised  customer environments. 

5.) Organisations will depend more on software to manage & track the tasks & workloads associated to managing a remote workforce.

6.) Inventory and security management will receive considerably more focus due to mobile device and user base scattering.

7.) Organisations will need to adjust mobile policies to better cater for remote worker behaviour & tools.

8.) Job spec profiling will become more relevant in terms driving policy & rate plan selection for the user base.

9.) 5G will play an even more important role in connecting employees & applications to the business ecosystem.

10.) Business unit managers will be expected to be more accountable for the mobile voice and data costs and consumption of their direct reports.

The Power of Knowing

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