Technology Expense Management – A game changer for CxO’s


We live in a technological melting pot of products, services, technologies and providers, each of which having been specifically designed to address specific “gaps” relating to enterprise ICT requirements.

This abundance of choice [and confusion] can be exceptionally daunting and often results in a lack of action because of fear of change due to the unknown it may bring, fear of the perceived inability to manage the change or fear of the perceived inability to prove the effectiveness of such change after it has been made.

Utilising the appropriate Technology Expense Management platform to achieve complete visibility across all IT and Telecommunications [ICT] products, services, usage and costs is the only way to effectively understand and manage the enterprise ICT environment.

A sound Technology Expense Management platform not only offers CxO’s objective and factual analytics on which to base strategic decisions, it also uncovers where economies of scale, convergence of technology and or providers may make sense and it takes cost management, cost optimisation, cost recovery and cost allocation to a new level. Added to this, it significantly improves vendor accountability, inventory control and contract management, this according to Neil Buckley, MD at Apex Business Intelligence.

Gone are the days when IT & Telecommunications products and services exist in distinct environments. The infrastructure and co-dependency requirements for both environments have considerable overlaps and synergies. Treating the two areas separately not only dilutes purchasing power, but it also significantly limits the true benefit and efficiency that your ICT strategy can and should deliver to the business.

Visibility into how your ICT products and services are linked to a company, region, branch, cost centre and or end user within your enterprise and what the associated landscape consists of from a commercial and provider perspective is really the tip of the iceberg in terms of what a sound Technology Expense Management platform can deliver. The analytical ability contained within these platforms is where the true value lies in terms of achieving Nirvana within the enterprise ICT environment.

The Power of Knowing

All IT & Telecom costs, consumption, services and trends across all providers, all business users and all locations in a single platform.