International Expansion Plans


Apex BI – a leading provider of technology expense management (TEM) software – has announced the roll-out of strategic growth plans with a partner expansion programme that encompasses international markets. 

Apex BI’s software solutions deliver enhanced management and optimisation of Mobile, Fixed Line and IT expenditure. Further to this, the company has developed niche billing and analytics software solutions that supplement and underpin the offerings of big brand providers in the ICT and IoT arenas.

Apex BI MD, Neil Buckley, confirms the company’s commitment to the pursuit of its strategic and financial objectives – first announced at the end of 2020 – amidst exceptionally challenging market conditions. “This is the first step towards executing our plans and driving our growth initiatives forward. Our new sales model is strictly through the channel and we are aggressively seeking to attract new partners both locally and in international markets.”

Buckley notes the company’s intention to expand its geographic representation into new territories including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia  and the United States.

He says Apex BI is offering channel partners an immensely exciting prospect that includes:

  • A ‘business in a box’  with the full host of back office and sales tools needed to succeed.
  • A world class IT and Telecom expense management platform.
  • In-house and continuous development, with relevant market innovation.
  • Demonstrable and sustainable revenue growth.
  • Support and training.

“We are actively ramping up our programmes to attract new business partners in the form of dealers and resellers in the markets mentioned. We are increasingly receiving enquiries about Clarity™– our proprietary software solution that enables companies to simplify and better understand, manage, and automate their dispersed IT & Telecoms spend, services and assets via a single web platform,” he adds.

Buckley says the company is seeking innovative partners/businesses who are possessed of strong market knowledge in their sector and he confirms it is not necessarily confined to the technology arena. “Initially, we are seeking businesses already offering cloud and mobile services but not exclusively.  Our company culture is founded on innovation and drive, and we are seeking likeminded businesses and individuals who are keen to explore this exciting business opportunity, especially at a time when they are few and far between. COVID has left many retrenchments and small business closures in its wake – what we are saying is that this could be an opportunity to turn that situation into a prospect for entrepreneurs.”

Buckley confirms the programme will officially kick off on the 1st March and that Apex BI will provide in-depth training and support in all markets.  “Interested parties can click on for further information and applications details,” Buckley concludes.

The Power of Knowing

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