Clarity from Apex BI – Telecommunications Costs don’t get any clearer


Cloud based Telecom Expense Management software that enables organisations to better understand, manage and control their telecoms expenditure.

Clarity is Apex BI’s flagship Telecom Expense Management [TEM] software platform and it is rapidly changing the way that organisations understand, manage and control their telecommunications expenditure.

Clarity provides detailed, purpose built analytics and insight across all employee communication devices including desk phones [PBX], mobile phones, mobile data cards [including APN’s], and M2M [machine to machine] devices. The platform caters for all fixed line voice, fixed line data, mobile voice and mobile data usage and costs irrespective of the technology and or service providers / carriers being utilised.

“In addition to providing daily reporting on all device usage and associated costs, Clarity also incorporates the providers monthly invoice billing says Neil Buckley, MD of Apex Business Intelligence. By capturing and reporting on all daily and monthly provider billing, we provide our customers with the full picture when it comes to their telecommunications environment and this essentially means that the missing link between employee device usage and the monthly provider billing is now found.”

Because Clarity is deployed as Software as a Service [SaaS] the deployment is quick and easy and has no impact on current business processes. The cloud-based model reduces the need for any onsite equipment and completely eradicates any installation fees.

Clarity is structurally dynamic and this means that the platform can report on any level within the orgnisation. Whether the reporting is required on individual users, cost centre’s, divisions / departments, branches, regions or at company or group level, the back end architecture of Clarity is fluid enough to enable cross functional and cross dimensional reporting.

“The experience that we have gained through providing telecom consulting and related outsourcing services for so many years has proven to be invaluable to the enhancement and relevance of our software development strategy. Not only does Clarity automate many of the time consuming tasks such as internal cost recovery and cost allocations, which typically require endless hours of man power, we also automate a number of alerts based on customer-defined exceptions and anomalies. The alerts proactively notify our customers to any unusual behaviour or escalating expenditure and are sent to key role players with enough time for them to take the required actions before it’s too late and the month end provider invoice is received for payment. This process of automation allows our customers to focus on their core business rather than investing unnecessary time in managing their telecommunications environment.

Empowering business unit owners with specific and relevant information relating to telecommunications costs and usage within their particular area of responsibility is critical to controlling organisational telecommunication expenditure. Expecting managers to manage and control costs without any fact based insight into those costs is simply not realistic.”

Apex BI is a Telecom Expense Management [TEM] company that has been providing reporting software and business intelligence solutions, telecoms advisory services and telecoms outsourcing services to the South African business for close to a decade. Our range of services coupled with our best practice methodologies and customer centric business processes have helped position our business a leading player in the Telecom Expense Management arena and specifically in the Telecom Expense Management Software [TEM-SaaS] space.

Our ability to efficiently manage, process and simplify “Big Telecoms Data” and present the outputs via a slick, easy to navigate web portal has been pivotal to our success to date. Our advisory and outsource solutions continue to supplement our flagship software platform aptly named, Clarity.

The Power of Knowing

All IT & Telecom costs, consumption, services and trends across all providers, all business users and all locations in a single platform.