Apex BI Announces its latest Clarity Innovation – a Unified Communications analytics & reporting module starting with MS Teams


Wholly in-house developed solution delivers enterprise ready MS Teams reporting

Johannesburg Tuesday 18th August, 2020: Apex BI – technology expense management (TEM) specialist – has released its latest in-house developed innovation – a Unified Communications Reporting product, which at present addresses the much needed requirement to provide insight into cost, consumption and productivity across the entire MS teams userbase.

This product is being launched as an extension of the capabilities of Apex BI’s TEM platform, Clarity.  It provides visibility into the cost and consumption arising from MS Teams – basically this software will enable enterprise customers to report on staff costs; their productivity and consumption of the various aspects of MS Teams; essentially, how they are using MS Teams and for what purpose etc.  The Apex BI solution brings enterprise ready MS Teams reporting to the market but with a difference, it is a wholly South African developed innovation available at a South African price point.

Neil Buckley, MD, Apex BI, notes the pandemic driven Work from Home shift means that enterprises are now in the position of having employees utilising MS Teams from a diverse number of remote locations.

“Globally MS Teams is estimated to have 44 million daily users capable of communicating both internally and externally via one or more mediums made available from the Microsoft Teams platform. This includes direct routing to the outside world via the customers voice carrier of choice as well as via chat, video and or traditional audio collaboration. Meaningful visibility into the behaviour; costs and trends in the organisation is essential in a working world where staff are deployed remotely – which has been predicted not only to continue but possibly even change the entire global working model,” says Buckley.

The Apex BI solution quantifies calls, meetings, quickly identifies productivity or lack of same and ultimately gives a holistic view of spending across the organisation. “It not only gives powerful insight into usage; costs and productivity but as far as we are aware, we are the first South African company to locally develop such an offering.”

Apex BI’s Unified Communications Reporting solution brings powerful insights and analytics, across an organisation’s entire remote MS Teams user base.

Buckley says that MS Teams is only the tip of the iceberg for this reporting solution.  “MS Teams is the first area the solution has plugged into, but it will, going forward, extend to all Unified Communications platforms – an exciting prospect for a wholly SA owned and developed solution,” he concludes.

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